25 days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 1. 

I had been waiting all night and morning for this moment.  Fitfully I slept, not knowing what was behind each door and almost beside myself with excitement as I awaited sunrise.

As soon as I opened sparkly door number 1 the words on the day cream leapt out at me.  Protected. This promise in Psalm 91 means the world to me. We have all had moments of vulnerability and risk. Some of us have been victims and have been preyed upon as protection was absent.
These days I travel the road that leads to knowing I AM protected. Every moment of every day. My Father never falls asleep when he’s watching over me. He doesn’t take a bathroom break or go on holiday. He doesn’t expose me, turn away from me or abuse me.  He shows me his love, not hiding it behind a cold wall of perfection. Ah, Perfection may be a word on my new moisturiser but it is NOT what Father demands from us everyday as we apply our miracle cream!  HE is the perfecter and author of our faith.  When we fix our eyes on Him Hebrews 12 promises us His SPF of loving perfection.  He covers and protects us. He Perfects us. Simply apply your moisturising faith on a daily basis and ask him to enable you to trust HIM to Protect and Perfect you. It may feel Intense at the moment but trust him.  He’s completed this at an Advanced level!


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