25 days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 2. 

I awoke this morning full of horror and wondering what on earth I had committed myself to! 25 days of blogging? My years of written ramblings up to now have been restricted to scribbles on scraps of paper, brief paragraphs in my phone notes and poetic pieces in pretty pads all hidden away in a secret box. There are quite a few as I’ve felt the need to put pen to paper since I was at least 8 years old. So all of a sudden, on a ‘whim’ or to be more precise, through a sense of excitement and deep seated urgency, I am blogging! Every day, in the busiest days of the year – the run up to Christmas! But maybe, just maybe, that’s exactly when I need it the most?!   I get lost at times in the sillyness of stocking shopping and the overindulging of festive food. I get anxious when hanging holly and wonder ‘Do visitors JUDGE me on my christmas colour scheme?  Do they rate my wreath and revel in the fact that theirs is SO much more superior?’

I realise now that these 25 days of Beauty Wonder is to encourage me to STOP, to rest and to wonder at the beauty of Christmas and my father’s wonder of love for me and mine for him. Each No7 door I excitedly open holds a conversation between my father and I!

So this morning, my body grudgingly fell out of bed at 6am and by 8.30am I had already plunged into the depths of self pity and discouragement. SO much had already happened to make my day less than blissful, I couldn’t see how He was going to speak to me and turn an already difficult day into a beautiful one.  But No7 had promised it with their Blissful Body Wash behind shiny door number 2!  As I drove to my child’s nativity performance, I sung. And the words of the song washed over me. ‘Let us become more aware of your presence, Let us experience the glory of your goodness.’  


Whether I can sing in tune or not is of no consequence to my Father. He simply adores it when I turn to Him in worship and my rich lather of melodies moisten His already soft heart towards me.  

In the school audience I eagerly encouraged my son with ‘crazy mummy’ facial expressions while he was singing his heart out in the choir.

It dawned on me that my Father watches ME all day long!  He is entranced by the expressions on MY face and He longs for each moment when I turn to Him and become more aware of His omnipresence.

As the day continued I turned to Him when I was driving, when I was drinking coffee, as I interacted with colleagues and at every possible opportunity. My disappointment and discouragement blissfully started to subside the more I bathed in His adoration for me and indulged myself in the lather of His love. Beautiful worship smoothed over prickly feelings as I asked Him, ‘Why do I feel less than blissful? What is it that I don’t know about you and your love for me?’

Honestly?  The more I leaned into Him and asked Him to carry me today, the more I was able to say, ‘ahh…Blissful‘.  Thank you No7! 

1 John 3 v1  See what great love the Father has lavished on us’


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