25 days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 3

Instant Illusions!

I was more than happy to receive this little treat when I opened door number 3 of the Advent Calendar this morning!   I’m not sure if ‘It’s a crime not to prime!’, (as stated on the flap!) maybe that’s taking it one step too far, but there are definitely benefits to ‘airbrushing’ one’s complexion!

Having used this cream before, I’ve found that it provides a smoother finish appearance and my make up, without doubt, stays on longer. This magic product is designed to give a more eye-appealing look to the surface of the skin and it certainly does what it says on the tube!  A super little treat for day 3!
Of course that wasn’t all that No7 had in store for me today!
Immediately I heard Holy Spirit gently ask me how my life of illusions was going these days!  Reluctantly I admit to leading a life of pretence at times. The dictionary defines illusion as ‘something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality’.
Oh my!  That’s harsh isn’t it!  Perhaps I don’t mean to mislead anyone or lie to my friends. But some days that’s what I do and I don’t think I’m alone am I?

Allow me to take the spotlight off myself (far too uncomfortable) and muse with you generally about how we are all masters of illusion!

If you grew up with the ‘wise’ words of your parents telling you ‘not to hang your dirty linen in public’, then you, as a young, vulnerable child will have become wonderfully adept at putting on a front.

Maybe you have a deep seated need to bury some intense pain and for numerous reasons it’s just best kept that way.   Why ‘speak ill of the dead’ or rake it all up again?  What’s the point anyway?  Along with the No7 Instant Illusion Primer you make sure you put on your best smile lest anyone finds out what goes on behind your clean and beautifully curtained closed doors!  But living a life of make-believe and illusion will and does make you ILL.  Living a seemingly perfect life not only pushes others away, as they struggle to keep up with you, but it puts your mind and body under incredible stress, perhaps leading to illness of both.  Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, dependence on alcohol, addiction to drugs, abusive relationships, OCD, perfectionism, anger.  These are examples of the dark secrets we scramble to hide from others in our lives.  Ironically, we painfully learn, the more we hide them, the more we succumb to them!

If you think your fantasy life is more eye-appealing to your friends why don’t you challenge yourself to re-evaluate your thinking?    Those who truly love you, WANT to know you.  Building walls and closing the door to them also closes the door of your heart. It is closed to healing, to real, meaningful relationships and closed to your Father God’s love.  Life with my heavenly Daddy is an amazing, exciting journey of highs and lows but I find when I am willing to give up my illusions, He enables me to receive His peace and THAT is my ultimate primer!

John 16:33 ‘I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace’


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