25 days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 4

Party season is upon us and with No7’s door number 4, comes a timely reminder to start prepping for the glorious, annual, Christmas Party! 

Oh my word, the joy of prepping!

For me, this lengthy and luxurious, labour of love holds just as much excitement as the party itself!

I remember clearly my first high school formal. (Alas, the awkward memories come flooding back!) Preparation for this event took weeks. Literally. Weeks. 

Once the ‘dress of the year’ was secured, complete with clutch bag, sparkly shoes and jewels, my attention turned to my body, my hair and everything external that could be ‘improved’ upon. 

Exfoliation has always played an important part in my beloved beauty regime. I believe emphatically that putting moisturiser on top of dead skin cells is nothing short of criminal!  For one, why would you waste your money?!!  Also, just imagine those young, fresh cells yearning to come to the surface to shine – but they are stifled and suffocated by old, dead skin that NEEDS to be obliterated,  stripped off!  Exfoliated!  ONLY THEN, when you’ve washed them away, can the bright, smooth and radiant you be revealed!

Now I can happily plunge headlong into moisturiser, self tan, teeth bleach, hair dye, nail paint, make up and lashes until finally, 4 hours later, the new, improved me can slip into a ballgown fit for any princess.  Fake, but fabulous!  And ready to be the life and soul of any party!  

THANK GOD He’s not into prepping. The simple, loving message my daddy whispered in my ear today was the opposite of prepping. 

It was simply ‘Come. Come now. Come as you are precious daughter.’   

‘Come with your brokenness, come with your scars, come with your hurts but just come as you are.  Come with addictions, come so confused, come black and blue from your life of abuse.  No prep is needed, no change I need, you are my heart’s desire, just come to me.’ 

Some would say you need to ‘prep’ before you can ‘come before Him’. But the truth?  His focus isn’t on how and when He can change you, His desire is simply you. The raw, real you.  It’s you, allowing Him to love you, so you can live out of His love.

No prep required, come as you are.


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