25 Days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 5

My lips are luscious thanks to No7!    

Today’s treat is a 4ml Shine and Tint in the colour Ballet. ‘At last! Make up!’ cries my 13 year old ‘mini me’ as she snatches it from my hand and runs off to Pucker Up!

 Gliding this gloss on evenly proves to be a challenge and from previous brand experience I like using a lip brush instead of the wand provided. It’s not the type of product you can apply quickly in one swift swipe. It definately requires a bright light and a steady hand! Also, maybe it’s my age, but even with lip liner, this tricky tint tries to make tracks!! Regular checks are required and I feel like I’m on constant ‘bleed alert!’  

Having said all that it IS shiny and eye catching and as door No5 encourages, I find myself puckering up for a selfie! 
Speaking of lips…one of my favourite songs is ‘He loves us’. I know some who are uncomfortable with the original lyrics, ‘sloppy wet kiss’ but not me!  I FEEL the passion, desire and carefree way Father’s love is portrayed!   He doesn’t hold back His affection!  He puckers up and plants a big, enthusiastic smacker on me. NO ONE loves me like He does and no one knows me like He does either. He knows my every thought before I have it. He knows I’m scared, unsure and struggling. He knows I’m insecure a lot, insane at times and He hears my inaudible fears whispered in the dark. He knows me. And yet, He loves me. 

So, so much. 
Enable me Father to live out of the reality of that astounding truth. Enable me to pucker up and receive it!  
Listen to it here. He loves us


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