25 Days of Beauty Wonders. Advent calendar Day 6

Less is more when it comes to applying eye shadow!  Especially this morning’s little treat from No7!   Day 6 sparkled with purple promise when opened and I couldn’t wait to experiment on my eyelids.

Being a dark shade of berry, I would avoid using it to completely to cover your eye lids. (That kind of Mike Tyson post match look isn’t in right now!)   Instead, after using a primer on your eyes and applying a neutral colour, apply this shimmering shade starting from the inside of the eye moving towards the outside of the crease.  Use a thinner line, growing thicker, making sure the lids match.  The key to all eye shadows?   Blend, blend, blend and remember LESS IS MORE!!
This tip doesn’t apply to the clothes you wear however!  Especially at this time of year, less is just asking for frostbite!

We all see and hear our lives through the filter of our experiences and it surprised me somewhat to feel myself cringe at the No7 tagline for today. ‘Eye, eye, beautiful.’

It brought memories of a workplace I spent some time in where females were treated very poorly and seen as nothing more than targets for sexual abuse.  Whether I was beautiful or not doesn’t matter. This trite terminology, along with ‘Ciao Bella’ and ‘Hello gorgeous’, are examples of the typical greetings a passing male would bandy about to literally anyone of the opposite sex who walked past him.  Throughout this period I became even more disillusioned and irritated with men in general.  ‘They are all the same’, after all!  This long term situation only served to compound my distrust of men which had been formed after experiencing sexual abuse on more than one occasion.
I firmly believe that there is only one man in my life who has the right to say, ‘Eye, eye, beautiful’ to me and that’s my loving and devoted husband.  I feel safe in relationships where men do not pass comment on my appearance and instead, upon greeting me, ask me genuinely how I am.
Your experience will be different from mine – like I said, we all have our filters, but gentlemen, if you’re going to tell a lady friend that they are beautiful, then exercise caution please!  What are you basing your throw away comment on?   Is there a more valuable aspect of their character that you would like to admire? 

  Father God has made us ALL to be admired – male and female alike. He has created us lovingly in His image and when he looks at us he thinks we are VERY good.  We are the MOST awesome of his creations and he sings over us with pleasure, day and night.  Everyone is beautiful but how cruel this world has become in dictating its view of beauty.  Media relegates the ‘truly gorgeous’ to the red carpet and the rest of us to the scrap heap.

When we greet each other let’s focus not on the outward appearance but on the inside.  That is the magnetic force that brings us together as friends, partners and spouses.  And that is the facet of our friendships that we should admire in each other. 

Psalm 139 v 14
You are beautiful for you are fearfully and wonderfully made

I should add…I’ve been on and continue on a wonderful healing journey with my heavenly Daddy.  I know not to tar every man with the same eyeshadow brush!  🙂


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