25 days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 7

It’s day No7 and when mini-me and I prised open the aptly named door and RED nail varnish leapt out, both of us squealed in delight!  We’ll be fighting over this treat, for sure!
I LOVE the No7 nails varnishes and am not ashamed to admit I have more than a few of them.  At least 20 but in my defense, the Boots vouchers that are periodically released are solely to blame for my collection!!!  With £3 off, these varnishes can be snapped up at an irresistible price of just £4!  It would be a sin NOT to buy them, I’m sure you’d agree?!

 Apart from cost, there is a vast array of fashionable colours (Vivid Violet and Persian Blue being my most recent purchases).  There truly is a colour for every phase and season you are going through. This morning’s treat has been named RED and it’s an ever so slightly pinkier based version of Devil’s Delight.  A timely Christmas colour which I may just try out tomorrow night at an event I’m singing at! (Soooo excited!!)
The brushes in these bottles are soft, spreadable and of good quality; three steady strokes (middle, right and left) and one nail is coated. I usually apply 2 coats for the desired shade but 1 will do if you’re in a hurry! If you want to factor in a base and top coat then you will need all evening to let the 3 or 4 layers dry! I’m certainly not a ‘sit all day and let my nails dry’ type of girl.  It’s more like, ‘let’s paint and go’ and hope that 5 minutes later it’s chip proof!

Why do I love nail varnish?  There’s just something invigorating about glancing down at my hands and feeling brightened by the colour on my nails!  I feel ‘finished’, my outfit complete and my personality expressed through the colour I’ve chosen that day.   Don’t judge me! Everyone has something that brings them life!

As I drove to see a friend this morning I mused Deuteronomy 30 verse 19 over in my head yet again. Father God urges us to CHOOSE life and daily we have opportunity to do this…or to do the very opposite.

It’s only recently as I’ve started to untangle a few of the religious rules binding me, that I’m identifying what fills me with joy and brings me life.  Outside of my family, I thrive on music and singing, dancing, colours and creative writing.  My Father God has given me these gifts to make me smile and to draw me closer into him. 

They are part of his heart, they are him, his creativity, which lives in me and magnifies his presence all around me!  His longing for me, is to know him loving me in every minute of every day.  Here.  Right now…as the trinity live in relationship with each other.
Today through a sharp and striking RED I thank him for colour which expresses his vigour, vividness and depth of love for me. I ask him to enable me to choose life and to live loved.

Deuteronomy 30 verse 19:  

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live



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