25 days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 8

Hand cream is a little luxury I ‘can’t’ do without!  I possess numerous little tubes, in handbags, in my bathrooms and in my car; I am reassured to know that moisture is usually only a stretch away!
No7 gifted me with a perfect, purse sized present this morning and it’s already been put to good use on several occasions.  The pleasant fragrance lingers on my hands yet isn’t overpowering.  The comforting cream is quickly and easily absorbed leaving my hands feeling distinctly softer than before.  How long this effect lasts I don’t think I’ll ever know, as no sooner have I put the cream on than I’m washing dishes, changing nappies, feeding children and if I get a chance to wash my hair then it’s a good day!  My hands are always in and out of water and try as I may, they always seem to crave cream and cry out for care, especially in this cold December weather!  On occasion I’ve been known to don those ridiculous looking night gloves but who has EVER woken up with them still on?!!  Instinctively my body KNOWS that sleeping with gloves on is just plain WRONG and in the morning I’ll find one down at my feet and the other is never retrieved!  Gone forever….along with all the odd socks I lose.
As the No7 door states today, I definitely need a ‘helping hand’ to look after my hands, nails and cuticles and actually, just all of me in general!

Self care is not something that I’m good at.  In fact I’m rubbish at it! I would love to know how you look after yourself.  Is it long, lingering walks, deep bubbly baths or perhaps regular early nights?  How do you manage to fit pampering in around your schedule of family, career, housework and church or other activities?  At times it’s glaringly obvious by my mood that I’ve neglected myself and my poor hubby bears the brunt of my less than joyful temperament.  ‘Be kind to yourself’, my friend whispered in my ear as we parted from a catch up a few weeks ago.  She knows I struggle with that and I’m grateful for her simple yet piercing honesty.

My Father knows I struggle too but he’s not angry with me for my neglectful behaviour.  My relentless, hectic routine is my own self-inflicted punishment and his heart towards me is pure love as he waits for me to turn to him for enablement.  He longs for me to put down my self-imposed clipboard of checklists and rules and simply rest in his arms of love.  He knows my worth and he gave everything to secure my abundant life. 
I’ve a long road ahead of me when it comes to loving me the way Father does but I’m willing to be willing and that’s a small, but significant start. The little girl inside me knows I’m safe here with my daddy and his helping hands are always outstretched towards me.  



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