25 days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 9

Skin Illuminator, Radiance Boosting beauty fluid.  What a claim!!  A product that can BOOST my radiance?  

Helllooooo day 9! 


To be honest I’ve tried this product before.  And I wasn’t impressed.  For me, to date, nothing can beat my beloved Brightening Boost by Virgin Vie cosmetics.  

When that company went bust a few years ago I not only lost a job but also the source of ALL of my skincare and make up products!  I had been using them for 10 years and I was devastated!  Since then the search for perfect products continues…..

This morning, No7’s little tube proved rather tricky to negotiate!  One swift squeeze and out shot a good 30 cm of the stuff at high speed, landing on my uniform!  Great.  Just great!  Not one for wastage, I scooped it up and spread it liberally over my face, neck and dĂ©colletage!  By the time I had applied my foundation over the fluid I was as unimpressed as ever. Nothing.  No radiance.  No glow.  Nada. Niento. Perhaps you need to have a bit of radiance to begin with??!  It’s named a ‘booster’ after all, not botex I guess!  

So my hunt for the ideal skin illuminator continues…..the search for my radiance however can cease!   


At this time of year we are reminded even more so that ‘the SON is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being, SUSTAINING all things by His powerful word’.  

Today he has sustained, strengthened and supported me.  It’s been a beast of a day.  I feel like I’ve literally wrestled with a six headed, gory, gargoyle! Relentless aggravation, consistent battling, hurdle after hurdle…..and yet He is and remains, my constant radiance.  Even when I was cooking dinner and shouting, ‘back up, back up!!’ to my husband, (screaming, fighting kids), HE IS enough.  

In the midst of stirring spaghetti bolognaise, I found myself listening to my Father’s voice as he told me his love for me was ardent (I love that he used that word) and it is enough.  He is enough in all my struggles and I am enough in all that I am.  His son is my ‘Brightening Boost’ and at the end of a crushing day I can say I am radiant and glowing in His love for me.  


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