25 days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 10

No 10 is by far my favourite door so far!   No less than a GOLD ‘Stay Perfect’ eye liner!  What fun I have planned for this little number over the Christmas season!  The product was sleekly and smoothly applied and my ‘perfect’ day began!
  Stay Perfect…easier said than done isn’t it?   I find it impossible to meet my own standards on a daily basis. I’m meant to be the perfect mother, wife, daughter, work colleague, ‘christian’….and every day I ‘fail’.   

Or do I?   You’d think at my ripe age I would know not to play the comparison game.  It brings insecurity, self hatred and ultimately suffocation and death to everything beautiful that God longs to grow within you.  Door number 10 says more than a 500 word blog ever could.   


‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken’. Oscar Wilde was a wise man! All I have to do is BE ME!  That’s complicated at times.  I’ve met several versions of me throughout the years.   A young adult me, angry and insecure, a little girl me, crying out for attention, an inexperienced manager me, bossy and a workaholic.  In and out of various seasons I’ve morphed and moulded myself to become what I thought others needed and wanted me to be. ‘If only’ I could be calmer, more obedient, prettier, more prayerful, a better singer, more perfect……but is that what my Papa God reveals to me in his word?  Oscar Wilde shares only the tiniest nugget of wisdom in comparison to everything that my Father has to say about me.  

 Fearfully and wonderfully made.  




If we can grasp that truth and ask Father to enable us to live out of it then being ‘me’ would bring me life.  The amazing, abundant life that Father longs to shower on us.

I can’t talk about GOLD without thinking of this fab song!


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