25 days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 11

Scrub up!  That was the instruction on today’s little door number 11 of the Boots Advent Calendar!  Coming from the medical profession, that term means a whole lot more to me than No7 intends!   

To truly scrub up you have to use several drops of scrub solution, work up a heavy lather and then wash the hands and arms to the elbows.  The fingernails need to be very well scrubbed and a bristled brush must be used to full effect. Do all you can to ensure that the ‘surgical field’ is a sterile area, free from any microorganisms.   


Now thankfully No7 don’t want us to go to that extreme with their little product!  Unlike medical scrub solution, the Beautiful Skin Perfecting Body Polish smells subtlely flowery and delicate.  Once tried and tested, the fragrance lingers, enticing me to apply the matching Beautiful Body Butter mentioned on the back of the polish.  (Oh I hope it’s behind one of the doors yet to be opened!).  To remain smelling like a sweet petal through the day one must ALWAYS layer products!   Without a doubt, my skin smells delightful and feels noticeably softer.  Call me weird but to prove a point I’ve only ‘polished’ one side of my body – just so I can continue to notice the difference as the night wears on.  An act of true Beauty Blogger sacrifice don’t you think?!

Talking of sacrifice, it’s quite time consuming scrubbing up for surgery; and if your hands touch anything at any time, the scrub must be restarted!
I thank my Papa God that he doesn’t leave his ‘scrubbing up’ to me.  That’s not to say we don’t try though.  We feebly attempt to cleanse ourselves of our ‘yuckiness’ by ‘working up a lather.’  Perhaps by ticking boxes, like serving communion once a month in church.  Tick.  Running the teenage youth ministry on a night when we could be sitting at home watching TV – how sacrificial!  Tick.  By visiting the sick and elderly in their homes and in hospital – once a month on a rota basis.  Tick.


All this effort we put in, the sacrifices we make, the ‘good deeds’ we do, are futile.   Worthless.  OUR righteousness is like filthy rags to Father.   We haven’t produced a sterile environment after all.  None of our activities and works create perfect righetousness.  It is purely and simply a work of amazing GRACE!!  And it comes by faith in the perfect sacrifice of Jesus.
In the midst of fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, self-hatred and other struggles you are facing, simply have faith that Jesus has ‘scrubbed you in’.  

You ARE already perfectly polished, beautiful, soft, tender and grace-full, child of God. 



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