25 days of Beauty Wonder. Advent Calendar Day 13

A chocolate eye pencil.  Oh how delicious!  I didn’t get much of a chance to savour it though as mini-me immediately ran off clutching it tightly!  I glanced back at her in the car half an hour later and her eye make up made her look so much older than I wanted her to. (‘Stay a child – forever!  Stop growing up!’)

But time moves on.  A line is drawn under her pre-teen years.  She will continue to flourish and grow and eventually take off with the wings that we’ve given her but that’s another blog for another day!


As for the product, it’s smooth, creamy, a GORGEOUS colour and produces a long lasting line – just what it says on the pencil. Highly recommended and a wonderful little treat for day 13.  

‘Underline your beauty’ it says on the nifty little door.  I needed this reminder.  There are some areas of our lives we just need to draw a big, fat, chocolate line under! 

Move on. 

Forgive ourselves.  Oh, that’s so difficult!  


But the message is clear cut and simple straight from the heart of our Father.

I struggle so much to draw a line under my ‘stuff’.  If you came to me for counsel in this area though I’d have no trouble at all advising you!  I can extend grace and kindness in abundance to others but not to me!! 


I can imagine if I were talking to me about forgiveness.   I’d sit myself down, cup my face in my hands and look deep into my guilt ridden and hurting eyes.  ‘Forgive yourself dear child.  Jesus paid the ultimate price for all your sins, your mistakes, your failings. You don’t have to punish yourself anymore.  Be kind to yourself.  IT IS FINISHED!’  


I can share the truth with others but  I’m very adept at applying an ‘exclusion’ law to me!  

So I’m on a journey.  Father leads me on it and my hand is in his.  Daily I ask him to enable me to receive more and more of his love and daily he delights in giving it to me.  Join me on this journey of forgiveness and FREEDOM and I promise you that your life will never be the same again.



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