25 Days of Beauty Wonder. Advent Calendar Day 14

What product did I say was my favourite?  Forget that!  Door No 14 topped my expectations by opening to reveal another fabulous Stay Perfect nail colour!  It would appear No7 have chosen to break free from traditional Christmas colours of red, gold or silver and I prised out a beautiful, somewhat summery, pink varnish this morning!  


Quickly and easily applied, fast drying and shiny, I was ready for work and poised to ‘Be Bold and Bright’ as the No7 door commanded!

As I drove down a long motorway, got slowed down and stuck in several traffic jams, I noticed the sky was grey, the roads were grey and the spray from the car in front of me…was grey.  Almost depressing…yet perched atop the steering wheel were perfectly poised pink nails cheering me on and calling out the bold and bright attitude in me!

It wasn’t until I got home tonight, exhausted, stressed, that I looked for the name of the varnish. The red one a few days ago was simply RED so to be honest I thought PINK would be on the label. I was actually shocked to see the words, ‘Me, me, me’!
It can’t really be ALL about ME?!


Fraught at the end of a busy day, I finally get a moment alone with Father. I make the time to sit with him and just ‘be’.   I acknowledge my anxiety, my struggles and fears.  My chaotic, irratic behaviour and my inability to accomplish all my ‘targets’ for the day.  I talk to him about my worries that have already spilled into tomorrow, ruining it before I even rest my head to sleep tonight!


I take a deep breath – and I remember it’s about him.  I remember that he’s here.   He is loving me in this moment and he has my little hand in his big one.   I pray from his rest. 


I thank him for the blessings he gave me today.  Like a treasure hunt, in every situation I found sparkling surprises to make me smile.  He was with me in every moment, like he is now as I finally rest in arms.  

(Cool! My bible matches my nails today!)

Father enable me stop living out of the ‘me, me, me’.  Enable me to turn my focus to you more often throughout the day and not just at the end when I’ve crashed and burned.   Enable me to cast my anxieties onto you and live loved as your precious daughter.



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