25 Days of Beauty Wonder. Advent Calendar Day 15

High Shine Lip Crayon! Smooth and creamy and in a gorge shade of pink. It was straight on my lips! 

(Once I managed to prise it out of the calendar!! #frustrated) Throughout the day I can’t tell you how many times I reapplied it.  Numerous.   It has certainly helped my lips to retain moisture but it’s not very long lasting and because I’m always ‘on the go’ I like my lipstick to STAY PUT! 


The No 7 door clearly invites kissing…’GET READY FOR THE MISTLETOE’?!! 

So after a road test with my lovely husband (The sacrifices 😉 we make!) I can report that it failed to stay on me and promptly transferred onto him. Upon close inspection both our mouths and surrounding lip area, were shiny and pink and not very attractive looking!!  #fail for kissing but a #win if you just want a pink tint on your lips. My advice is, if you’re heading out to any mistletoe functions then wear another product! 


Mistletoe is amazing!  Since researching it for this blog I have a whole new found respect for it.  It has of course pagan roots but also a whole lot of God in there too!

And it’s not all about kissing. 


It’s about a strong, beautiful but misunderstood plant who fights for her survival against all odds. Throughout the winter season when everything else around her is withering and dying, she grows and indeed blossoms into a stunning flower heavily laden with bright berries!  These berries can be used to bring healing but can also be poisonous so handle with great care.  In ancient times Mistletoe symbolised peace, and warring soldiers would ceasefire if they came across it.  People were terrified of upsetting the God who could bring such life from death. 


And that basically sums up my Father and I.  What he has done for me and how beautiful he has made me.  When I read that paragraph over again I am thankful he brought me out of dark places and caused me to blossom.  I am thankful he makes me strong.  And brave.  And today, Pretty In Pink! 

I love this song…You Make Me Brave

I’ve listened to it at times with tears rolling down my face. Make me brave loving father.   Enable me to live loved. 


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