25 Days of Beauty Wonders. Advent Calendar Day 17. 

#throwbackthursday the No 7 door proclaimed to me as I opened it. The treat inside…Youthful eye serum!!  A tiny, transforming tube of magic!  I hope!


Obviously my opinion of this product will take time to form, as the results of regular application become apparent but oh boy, just what I need right now!   I’m expecting this little miracle working serum to take 20 years off me! Won’t it?!!  Applied religiously night and day, it’s only fair to trial it before drawing conclusions. It’s certainly creamy and pleasant to apply. 


I NEED this product as at this time of year I feel like I’ve gained 20 years of worry wrinkles!!!  (never mind 20 lbs through living purely on Christmas cake and chocolate!!)  

Facebook reminded me of some memories today.  This day 5 years ago my family and I were playing in knee deep snow!  


Photos of my children making snow angels brought sounds and sights into my head and a smile to my face. That frolicking, fun time was followed by frothy hot chocolate and homemade cookies.  


I remember it vividly and I ‘shared’ it on my Facebook timeline today using the #throwbackthursday. Thank you No7 for that idea. 


If I were to capture today’s moments on Facebook would they be #happy and smiley or #hassled and stressful. Sadly the latter I believe.  


Tonight I sit here utterly overwhelmed by all I have yet to accomplish.  I don’t know what comes first or where to start.  My to do list is as long as both my arms and I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.  My children probably weren’t hugged enough, and perhaps my voice was raised a little too often today.  I missed the mail deadline for my brother’s Christmas present (sooooo sorry guys!!) and I haven’t yet written any Christmas cards.  I’ve NO idea what presents I’ve still to buy and my handmade napkin rings aren’t completed!!  To top it off I’ve LOST the No7 treat from today. Sigh. It’ll randomly turn up in the tumble dryer or the cat food no doubt. 

I HAVE to pause…and breathe…(what other options are there lest I fall apart!?)


I’m grateful to my Papa God for loving me in my stress and busyness.   He never fails and when I’m overwhelmed….love comes down. (Amazing song!).  Worship overtakes me and once more I’m in his arms.  I ask Father to enable me to be carried.  I can’t do it all and I don’t want to pretend that I can anymore.  My Jesus, you carried the weight of the world on your shoulders, literally, so I wouldn’t have to. Enable me to live loved and stop trying to make it all happen.  


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