25 Days of Beauty Wonder. Advent Calendar Day 18

Eyes…unique, revealing, mysterious and so much fun to experiment with!  Transformations ARE possible with the delightful Stay Perfect black eyeliner found behind today’s number 18 door.  

This pocket pencil is perfect for lines, smoking smudges and flicks.  It’s soft but when sharpened, it delivers a precise, smooth line.  It glides on easily, no lumps or scratches and not dragging your fragile skin!  More importantly, if you mess up, it is swiftly removed and reapplied with ease. 


‘Only 1 week to go’ the No7 door reminds me!!!   One of my plans over the holidays is to sit with my mini-me in front of YouTube tutorials and perfect our wings!  I struggle more than she, (must be age!) but am I the only one who can never get my flicks angled accurately???  I’ve tried every trick that I know, including the dreaded sellotape sweep. Why would I put myself through that?!!  Wings and flicks can be as dramatic or demure as you desire but just make sure they are symmetrical. My motto is, no wings are better than bent wings!  If in doubt grab that cotton wool pad and just get it off!  Go for a smokey eye with some sparkle instead and you’re destined to dazzle!


At this time of year there’s SO much for our eyes to drink in!  Sights and sounds of seasonal celebrations surround me and I’m grateful that I can see the real reason for the season.  My Father is the source of my life and he’s where my help comes from as Psalm 121 so gorgeously puts it.   


I’m aware of some though, who need a little bit of extra help at this time of year.  For them it’s not all ‘Joy to the world’.   I chatted to a friend today about what it’s like to be depressed, anxious and overwhelmed at Christmas.  I asked her ‘What do you see?’

‘When I gaze at the world it’s as if there’s a filter on.   Not one that airbrushes people so they look their best but one that makes everything grey.  The colour is stolen and my joy robbed
.  When I go out I sense panic and unsurity.  I can’t make simple decisions and I just stand there breathing rapidly and heading into palpitations, my head spinning, longing to be at home but knowing I need to do this for my family.


I feel like a little girl holding a beautiful snow globe. I gaze at it, while inside people are laughing, playing and singing.  I hear nothing though.  My face is pressed up against the cool glass and I feel numb (yet full of agony at the same time).  Nothing feels real except the pain inside me, the tightness of my chest and the panic in my mind.  Medication has pushed the suicidal feelings aside for now but I’m waiting for life to be resumed.  I live outside the globe in my silent sorrow.  I function from there and I’m the ultimate Hollywood actress – putting on a front so no one knows the awful reality that is my constant, relentless life.    

I long for Christmas to be over so I don’t have to cope with people needing me, expecting me to smile and wanting me to laugh.’

How my heart aches when I read that, yet so many people suffer!  Let’s pray for our friends.  Let’s look at them with fresh eyes (wings or not!) and have empathy and compassion for those who struggle with mental illnesses. Like Diabetes, it affects them every day and they need a little more warmth and TLC  than some others.
Enable them father to look to you for help. Enable them to reach out to you, to feel your kiss, your love, your joy and peace.  Meet them in their prisons and free them, making your love a reality in their lives.  


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