25 Days of Beauty Wonder. Advent Calendar Day 19

Day 19!

The countdown to the big day continues!  With only 6 more sleeps to go the excitement is building in our house!!

Behind door 19,  No7 gifts me with a small neutral eye shadow.  Subtly shimmery, this tiny treat lends itself quite nicely to my snatched seconds of preparation before heading out with hubster and friends tonight. Showered and moisturised my naked face awaits, a blank canvas.  First, a creamy base coat on my eyes, followed by an all over light dusting of my new eye colour.  It provides satisfying coverage and that all important Christmas SHIMMER!  Perfect for partying!  

7 hours later (1am and more than a little jaded from the night’s activities!) and lo and behold, I award the product a great 10/10!  Coverage complete and shimmer is still there!  My eyelids look like they did at 6pm when I first transformed them from tired mummy eyes to glittery ‘go get ’em eyes!   I’m well impressed and No7 get the thumbs up before I collapse into bed!  

Nude Eye make up pallets have boomed in popularity this year .  My daughter’s Christmas list certainly reflects that!!   ‘Surely one pallet will do?’ I question her, only to be given ‘the look’ that says ‘DON’T be ridiculous mummy!! You can never have enough pallets!!!’One pallet, with 40 shades of NUDE bewilders me but there again I’m no expert eye artist!  

Nude is a very vulnerable state to be in. Whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually…being naked involves strength, courage and trust. If you’ve been abused and taken advantage of in the past then being naked can be torture, trusting others too scary to attempt, opening your heart too risky.  

Emotional nakedness…allow yourself to be YOU!  Remove the make up mask and reveal the beauty of your rawness.  Strip back the charade.  Can you?   Would you?  Are you trapped outside of relationship, love and freedom while others inside make merry, eat, drink and share their lives with each other.  Are you ‘yourself’ when out with friends?  Or does your past imprison you?  

What stops you being vulnerable, honest and naked?  My nude little eyeshadow prompted many questions in my heart tonight.  At the end of the day, if you can’t be honest with your friends then they’re not truly your friends. (A wise man told me that last week and not one from a nativity play!) 

Choose wisely dear ones, and make Father the keeper of your heart.  Appreciate and trust your genuine friends because they’re few and far between but they’re God given. 💜

There’s a friend that is closer than a brother.  Embrace him today and ask him to enable you to love the person in the mirror and live loved.  


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