25 Days of Beauty Wonder. Advent Calendar Day 22

I thought I knew how to do smokey eyes….until I used this nifty little brush under door 22!   


What a difference it made to technique and results!  I’ve been stuck in a rut using an ordinary eyeshadow brush but it’s all change from today.  Tools really do make a difference.  If you’re asking Santa for anything, trust me, my top item has just changed from Baileys to brushes!  


Without the right brush smokey eyes are smudges, blushed cheeks are blotches and hot lips are horlicks!!

And without Father God I’m hopeless. 

There are times when you’re going through storms and your eyes are on other people to pull you through and rescue you. But despite the life buoys there really is only one saviour, one anchor, one rescuer.  

It’s important to remember the words of your father.  Proverbs 13:12 ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.’  Hope for the wonderful things he has planned for you. Believe for the healing of your heart. Refuse to allow hope to be stolen and replaced with depression.  Your good father has so much for you. 


Open my ‘smokey’ eyes father. Show me how you love me.  Only you will do. 




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