25 Days of Beauty Wonder.  Advent Calendar Day 23

Beautiful skin eye make up remover was a welcome sight for sore eyes this morning.  If you don’t use a good product on your delicate lashes then you can end up pulling them out every night in a careless attempt to cleanse them!  My current eye make remover is decidedly pricey but it’s the only product that works for me. It swiftly sweeps away Estee Lauder’s Doublewear eyeliner and Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara.  And No7’s treat this morning came close, but alas fell at the last hurdle. 

The eyeliner disappeared without a trace but I feared for my lashes fate as I tried to cleanse them unsuccessfully.  I won’t be making this a makeup bag staple, as long as I’m wearing Beneifts mascara anyway. 

#disappointed but I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it! 


The one thing these two products have in common is their layering.  To use them effectively they need a good shake, bringing oil and water liquids together.   Only then can their soothing effectiveness come into its own.  

For me I’ve realised that healing comes in layers too.  At times I’ve experienced a gentle peace and a subsiding of pain…only for the wound to be ripped open again!  How devastating when you think you’ve been healed, when you’re sure you’ve forgiven, when you’ve acknowledged abuse and ‘moved on’ but in reality there is a deeper wound, under the superficial layers, that need an outpouring of Father’s love and healing honey. 


Physically your body goes into this amazing flurry of activity when hurt; making new cells, antibodies and growing fresh pink skin but when it’s emotional hurts there’s nothing you can ‘do’!  Frustration can almost blind you.  The need to control does just that and perhaps manifests as an eating disorder or self harming.  

BUT if you can just rest in him, if you can allow yourself to be guided, if you can stop wanting to do everything your way then maybe you’ll see that his way is the path that leads you beside blissful brooks.  And if you can’t stop your need to fix yourself then at least just pray ‘Father enable me to be willing to be healed. By you’. 

With every prayer, every baby step of being willing, Father grows new cells, building layers of his love that will lead you to paths of righteousness.  Maybe that seems so far away right now but through the pain call out to him.  He is the only true healer. 

Father Take me a little deeper in the healing process. 


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