25 Days of Beauty Wonder. Advent Calendar Day 24

Ready for the big day?!  

Face cleansed, serum smoothed on and new moisturiser applied. (Thank you Advent Calendar Day 24!).   I use No 7’s night cream and I love its fragrance, texture and the way it slowly sinks in.  Whether it makes me younger and fresher looking is for my hubby to judge! 

Preparation for tomorrow is everything isn’t it!  


Clean jammies on, bed sheets changed and Santa food left out.  Dinner schedule planned and presents nearly all wrapped.  Table set, big bird in the fridge, awaiting to be the centrepiece of the feast of the year.  Months of preparation and the big man in the red suit can finally make an appearance!  It’s a bit like preparing to give birth…and it’s over in hours!  

I wonder how Mary prepared for her big day?  Did the Innkeeper throw her a ‘surprise’ baby shower with pink and blue bales of hay?   Did the stable’s manger and beams have matching bows and buttons?  Was she concerned about that or did she simply long for the safe delivery of the baby boy who would soon deliver her?   

Can we simplify Christmas?  Make it really matter again?

Forget who’s tree is the nicest. Who spent the most. Who got the most. Who’s house is the cleanest. 

How about who needs Jesus the most??!!  I do!  I definitely do. 


And I know other families who don’t need gifts from under the tree……they need the Father’s gift of Jesus. 

A family who lost a mum this year.  A mum with depression, anxiety and battling an eating disorder.  A husband struggling to carry the excess load because his wife is ill. 

Freedom from your struggles and illnesses, self imposed rules and perfectionism is a process that happens INSIDE a relationship with Father.  Enter into the relationship you were created to have.  A relationship that changes you and frees you to love without agenda.  That’s #alliwantforchristmas  


Enjoy your big day, I hope your heart is prepared, as well as your skin.  



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