Choose Life

How many times can a heart be broken? How many pieces can it be shattered into?

Even when you mend it with liquid gold, it still feels bruised, heavy and blue.

How many mountains are ahead on the pathway? How many valleys loom large and deep?

Even though you carry my tired, weary body, I can’t help but helplessly weep.

Questions, they plague me.

Answers elude me.

Blame tries to find me.

Guilt sets upon me.

Love has abandoned me.

Hope hides its face.

Trust drowned with dreams in that nightmarish place.


There has to be a but.

But God. Father. Daddy. Papa. Abba.

Your barely audible name slips from my mouth and dares to bring life. I have no choice but to die….or choose life. Enable me to choose Hope. Love. Peace. Calm. Rest. Enable me to choose to do life. With you. Daddy.


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